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It's gross, we know, but also very common for dogs to eat their stools. It's not unique to your pet, or to pets in Cyprus, it has been happening for thousands of years, so don't feel too bad! The reasons can vary, from simply a bad habit to being a sign of a health issue such as diabetes.

So let's answer the question: Why do Dogs Eat Poop?

Before dogs became domesticated, their diet would depend on whole prey and any local fruits and vegetables they could find. With this natural diet, dogs were getting all the nutrition they needed. Many of today's cheap pet food is highly processed and does contain all the ingredients your pets need to have a balanced, healthy diet.

A more serious reason for pets eating poop could be that they have a serious medical condition such as parasites, diabetes or thyroid issues which can make your pets feel hungry, even if they're not.

In the wild, a mother will eat her puppies stool to keep the area clean and also remove the strong smell which could attract predators. Puppies may have seen their mother do this and mimic them without realizing why they're doing it. It's not unusual for a puppy to eat their poop just out of curiosity! The fortunate news it that most puppies will simply grow out of this bad habit!

Boredom, Attention seeking and stress are also reasons why your pet will eat their own poop.

TOP TIP: Do not punish your pets for having a bad accident and pooing in the wrong place, they may be scared that you'll find their stools and eat them to avoid the punishment!

So now we know WHY they eat their poop, what can we do about it?
  1. BE CLEAN - Keep your home and your garden clean and without poo laying around, this is the most effective way to stop them doing this nasty habit.

  2. KEEP THEM BUSY - Purchase some training toys for your pets or anything that will keep them busy and not bored. We recommend Kong Toys: click here now.

  3. FEED THEM SUPER PREMIUM FOOD - We always recommend super premium dog food for pets in Cyprus. With our Discounts & FREE delivery, there's no reason not to! Check out these Super Premium Brands of Dog Food: Oasy Dog Food, Royal Canin Dog Food, Barking Heads Dog Food, Lilly's Kitchen Dog Food.

  4. ADD A SUPPLEMENT TO THEIR FOOD - If something is missing from their diet, Supplements can help. Check out our Dog Food Supplements here.

  5. TIME FOR A VET VISIT - If you try all of the solutions in this list but still find your pet eats their poop, it's time for a visit to your local vet!

  6. DON'T PUNISH THEM - Our pets are clever! If we punish them for pooping, they will do their best to hide it. Instead of punishing them, remove the poop when they're not looking and then use cleaning solutions to remove all smells. Move their poop to the area you'd like them to defecate in and then leave it there for a while so they can find it.

  7. USE DETERRENT TABLETS - Tablets such as Naturevets Coprophagia Detterent Tablets - click here - can make your pets stools intolerable to them, so they'll quickly stop eating their poop!
If you need any further help, just ask one of our Pet Experts!

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