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Cat Nip Toys - Cat Toys (Free Delivery) |
Go To:: Cat ToysCatCat Nip Toys
Save 25% on all Royal Canin and win up to 10 Euro for your next order in our Cash Back offer on Royal Canin Purchases! Save 25% on all Royal Canin and win up to 10 Euro for your next order in our Cash Back offer on Royal Canin Purchases!

1 of 101 total products

What are catnip toys, and why do cats love them?

Catnip toys are specially designed Cat Toys filled with catnip, a fragrant herb that induces a euphoric reaction in many cats. The scent of catnip triggers a playful response, often making cats excited, active, and engaged. Cats love catnip toys as they provide both mental and physical stimulation, making playtime more enjoyable for your feline friend.

Are catnip toys safe for all cats?

Yes, catnip toys are generally safe for most cats. However, not all cats are affected by catnip's scent, as sensitivity is hereditary. Kittens and senior cats may not respond to catnip as strongly as adult cats. Always monitor your cat's reaction to catnip, and if you're unsure, introduce the toy in a controlled environment to ensure they enjoy it safely.

How often can I give catnip toys to my cat?

While catnip toys are safe, it's best to provide them in moderation to prevent desensitization. Offering catnip toys a few times a week can help maintain your cat's interest and prevent them from becoming unresponsive to the scent over time.

Where can I find a variety of catnip toys in Cyprus?

You can find a wide range of engaging catnip toys at, your go-to online pet store in Cyprus. We offer a diverse selection of catnip toys that cater to different play preferences, ensuring your cat has a blast during playtime.

What are the benefits of using catnip toys for my cat's well-being?

Catnip toys offer several benefits for your cat's well-being. They encourage exercise and play, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing boredom-related behaviors. Additionally, the euphoric reaction induced by catnip can reduce stress and anxiety in some cats, enhancing their overall mental and emotional state.

Can catnip toys help improve the bond between me and my cat?

Yes, interactive play with catnip toys can strengthen the bond between you and your cat. Engaging in playtime provides opportunities for positive interaction and quality time together. It's a great way to build trust and create a deeper connection with your feline companion.

Do you offer free delivery for catnip toys anywhere in Cyprus?

Absolutely! At, we offer free delivery, anywhere in Cyprus, for all orders over 20 Eyro.

Can I use catnip toys to train my cat or encourage certain behaviors?

Yes, catnip toys can be used as positive reinforcement during training or to encourage certain behaviors. You can use them as rewards for good behavior or to redirect your cat's attention from unwanted actions. Incorporating catnip toys into training sessions adds an element of fun and motivation.

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