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Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you're looking for please use the contact information below to get in touch with us, our friendly customer service team will always be at your disposal

Once your order is placed in our system you will receive an update via E-mail and/or SMS every time our warehouse team update the status of your order. Once your Order is updated to "OUT FOR DELIVERY" your order is on the way! Along with this update you will receive tracking information and the couriers contact details.

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Express Deliveries are delivered within two working days. Each working day ends at noon and working days are Monday to Friday.
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Example One - An Express order placed Friday at 2pm: As the order was placed after 12pm Noon, the first working day is Monday. Delivery should be completed by Wednesday.

Example Two - An Express order is placed on Monday at 11am: As the order is before noon, the order should be delivered by Wednesday.

Example Three - An Express order is placed for Troodos: This order will take priority for collection by our couriers but will be completed within 2-7 working days.

Free / Standard Delivery for all areas of Cyprus is 2-7 working days.
For City Centres our current average delivery time for FREE / Standard Delivery is: 3 Working Days
Yes - as in all of Europe, delivery companies are working as usual. We deliver to ALL of Cyprus, to your door. We are experiencing high demand (as are our couriers) and may require a little more time to deliver your orders. Please show understanding in these unique times. For more information on Pet Food delivery during the coronavirus in Cyprus, please click here.
Whilst there have currently (March 2020) been no reports of shoppers catching Covid-19 from orders placed online, we recommend washing your products with soap before taking them inside your home. 99% of our orders are wrapped to protect from dirt and damage, please remove this wrapping and put it in a dustbin outside. As always, after dealing with any products or items, it's recommended to wash your hands with soap thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. For more information on Pet Food delivery during the coronavirus in Cyprus, please click here.
Free delivery is 2-7 working days. Express delivery is within 2 working days. Working days for our couriers are Monday to Friday. Please note: during periods of lock-downs, Holidays, Bank Holidays or National holidays, if your order is delayed by our courier, or if you live outside any of the city centres of Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos or Larnaca there may be unexpected delays. Our current average delivery time is: 3 working days.
It's only good news! We deliver anywhere in Cyprus, including all villages and areas. There are no extra charges though depending on the couriers schedule, you may have to wait a little longer. For villages or areas outside of the city, our couriers usually deliver once or twice per week. Whilst for the cities of Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos and Larnaca deliveries are daily.
Please e-mail and our warehouse team will take care of any returns. Please note: whilst we are fighting Covid-19, we are NOT accepting returns, even if the wrong products are sent. PLEASE check your order with the delivery driver before paying or accepting your order. For the safety of our warehouse team, our drivers and our future shoppers, items that have been accepted by shoppers will not be exchanged.
If you are able to pay less for the same product, we will do our best to price match! We try our best not to be beaten on price. Please e-mail proof of purchase to (a receipt of purchase showing the item and the price paid).

Our super customer service team will then get back to you with a special offer.
Credit may be gained when you are given a full or partial refund, during a promotion or when winning a competition.

It's really simple! First make sure you're logged then, then open your basket. You will find your available credit on your account next to CREDIT AVAILABLE. Credit can be used in €5 increments by clicking on the REDUCE TOTAL BY €5 button.

To use your credit your basket will need to total €20 or more, regardless of how your credit was gained. Credit may also have an expiry time or date, usually clarified when you are awarded the credit. Credit awarded due to a partial or full refund will never expire.

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if you can find prices cheaper let us know, we'll smash that price if you can find prices cheaper let us know, we'll smash that price
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"Quality food, big variety to choose from, great costumer service (helpful reply within an hour) , super fast delivery (2 working days) and, most important of all, my cat loved the food I bought! Definitely recommended!"


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